10 secrets used by the greatest advertisers

In this guidebook, we unveil:

  • The most effective keywords
  • How to structure your campaigns to optimise the costs and maximise the profit
  • How to write an eye-catching advertisement that will be clicked on, and how to send the right message for the phase of the buying journey of your target audience
  • The metrics every Google advertiser should be focusing on
Our clients

Have you found yourself thinking ‘Google Ads are too expensive’ or ‘There is too much competition on Google’ or even ‘I tried Google Ads and it doesn’t work’?

This mindset often prevents companies from growing and reaching their goals, so they get all the worst costumers.

Google Ads are one piece of the puzzle that will give you the desired result, with the right approach, consistent testing, and understanding your costumers.

Most companies go about Google marketing in a completely wrong way. They do some quick research of keywords, choose 10 or 15 of them, divide them into two ad groups and mimic their competitor’s advertisements. In many cases, they guide the user to their website’s homepage.

Google is a saturated market, there are numerous advertisers in your industry and the only way to stand out and get the potential costumers to click on your advertisement, is to understand which phase of the buying journey they’re in and what their end goal is.

In this guide, we will show you 10 steps you can take to completely change your approach to Google advertising and turn an average campaign into a goldmine.