5 ways to use Instagram to your advantage

Fast-growing companies, start-ups and sole proprietors see many challenges and complications every day. Accounting, recruitment, the company culture, financial modelling and business processes are only a few of the key components of long-term success. Managing such a complex structure, it is easy to overlook how important it is to appear on social media as a company, a product or service, or as an individual.
The mission of the Beglobal agency is to help you and your company with key aspects of your social media success and create a strategy. We are aware of the importance of having a strategy from the point of view of sale, as well as building up your brand.

Here are four ways of how biggest companies in the world use social media to create an unforgettable experience for their customers, increase sales and add value to their brand.

Key aspects of Instagram appearance:

  1. Short and sweet
    Instagram is a visual world, so you should focus on the picture or the video in each of your posts. Words should be only an addition. Long texts divert your followers, because they would rather scroll on to the next picture than read the entire text. Your texts should be short and simple. If you want to write more, use link in bio and guide your target audience to the desired page.
  1. Have fun
    Unlike Facebook and LinkedIn, where conversations and messages have more structure and are more formal, Instagram is a space for you to show your brand’s witty and modern face. Wordplays and harmless jokes are always welcome.
  1. Don’t forget hashtags
    If anything in a description relates to a certain topic, use hashtags in front of a word. It can be as general as #socialmedia or #teambuilding. For more specific topics, add specific hashtags, for example #begloballife, when depicting the atmosphere in your company, or #beglobalpeople, when showing achievements of individuals in your company. In case of something special going on in your company, start by @beglobal and add a short and sweet caption.

4 excellent Instagram posts


Caption: »More like Taco Threesday«

Why is this strategy successful?

Social media users love Taco Tuesdays. Chipotle addressed its followers with a creative wordplay: Tuesday – threesday. This way, it asserted its position on the market and reminded its customers of its pay-less-get-more tacos.


Caption: Strictly business class. #AudiA8

Why is this strategy successful?

This short and simple caption radiates the luxury and the joy of driving an Audi. The marketing team of Audi made a smart decision to use the name of the car as a hashtag, which encourages Audi drivers to do the same.


Naslov: »How many Atlassians does it take to spell “TEAM”?«

Why is this strategy successful?

The classic ‘How many does it take’ caption tries to list all the faces of Atlassian. The use of Instagram to recruit rather than advertise, could spark interest of those who are considering a career change, for the company that puts its employees first and in the centre of attention.


Caption: »Spot the CEO«

Why is this strategy successful?

Ahrefs deals with SEO and programmes of ROI improvement on websites, optimisation, etc. But the essence of this post is much simpler than their service. Challenging followers to spot the CEO shows that the company respects and appreciates all positions and is aware of every individual’s contributions. They communicate to their customers that they are dealing with a company that is trustworthy and acts responsibly towards its employees.

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