Simple hack to reach thousands of users on Google

Google has just celebrated 15-years anniversary of Google Maps and redesigned the whole app design and its functionality. Also, Google Maps got new app icon.

More Than 1,000 Employees and Hundreds of Millions of Data

Google Maps is one of Google’s key products whch employs more than 7,100 Google workers.

In these 15 years more than 200 million locations were added to Google maps and each day its users upload more than 20 million of photos, reviews and comments.

Each day more than 33 million search queries are made on Google. It’s a must to be present on Google, specially with the location of your business.

Improved user experience

Google Maps is no longer just a navigation tool that gets us from point A to point B. Google once again proved how important user experience is for them.

At first it’s obvious that they want to offer even better experience than Tripadvisor. Functions that were available only through menu are now highly visible in footer menu with tabs.

With new and improved Google Maps we can now discover new sights, restaurants, cafés and other locations nearby no matter where are we, in the home city or exploring New York.

Under tab Commute we can get to home, job or any other locations we frequently visit in just two. We also save our favourite locations for next time we want to visit. They added new tab Contribute where we can add new pictures, reviews and comments to locations we visited.

It’s clear that Google Maps went from simple navigation tool to travel experience app and we can’t wait for new functions Google announced for March.

Why having your location approved is important for your company?

If you didn’t claim location of your business on Google I strongly suggest you do that. Each day with no location confirmed on Google means you are missing out potential client and opportunities.

Below you can see monthly insights of one of our clients from HORECA segment (hotels-restaurants-cafes) after we claim their location on Google and updated their profile with new information. Results below are just for the past 30 days. Imagine, how many new clients you can reach in one year!

You can see from the graph below that only 25% of people searched for client directly. This means 75% of people found the company through searching their competitors, category or product/service. Without having your company’s location exposed on Google Maps you can lose those 75% of people searching for products and services in your industry.

Only 10% out of all 61.800 views on Google happened on Google search engine and more than 55,000 ooon Google Maps. This means having no location claimed on Google can cost you a lot. 55,000 potencial customers to be exact.

Our client got 345 new leads in the past month just because they claimed their location on Google. 435 leads means 345 new customers who are interested in having dinner there. 144 leads visited their website, 125 requested directions and 76 called them directly. And the most amazing this is that the statistics below are for January, when HORECA industry is basically dead!

After we updated their profile and uploaded pictures and their offers, customers started uploading pictures and leaving reviews and comments too. In just one month we reached twice as much views as their competitors.

Are you ready for new customers? Contact us and with a minimum investment
you can get your location confirmed in just a few days!


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