What influences a customer’s choice of tires?

What is the best moment to buy and advertise new car tires? What brands of tires are the most popular and how can we increase the sales? In this article, I will discuss the analysis of demand for car tires in the recent time period. I will also suggest a few ways to successfully design your offer and marketing.

Every year, car tires need to be changed and the vehicle needs to be equipped with the correct gear for road safety in bad weather conditions. We are not expecting to see bad weather and low temperatures in the next days, so we can expect to see the demand for summer tires skyrocket. According to the Slovenian Road Traffic Rules Act, the summer season starts on 15 March, or when roads are dry and winter conditions are gone. Consumers are aware of that and climate change and mild winters are influencing their tire-purchasing habits.

Companies that do not engage in promotion are losing a lot of potential to increase the sales.

What are the trends in shopping for summer tires?

The tire-shopping frenzy happens when the customer wants to choose the best combination of quality and a fair price. Tires of high quality possess not only superior features but also longer life spans. Statistics show that every driver investigates the wide array of options and makes sure to have all the necessary information, before making a choice. It can be observed that that the demand arises long before the winter ends, even 1 or 2 months before the change of tires is mandated by law.

What influences the customer’s choice of tires?

We need to keep in mind that consumers buy tires with respect to the weather and their perception of a brand. When the weather forecast is good, the demand rises significantly. It can be remarked that the most popular tires are those that have been tested, display better quality, and receive better reviews, because a perfect set of tires is essential for road safety.

According to Google Search, this is the demand for 2019:

Keyword: gume (tires)

Keyword: pnevmatike (pneumatic tires)

Consumer behaviour implies that customers base their decisions on the weather and the forecasted temperatures, because the need for new tires is the highest in that moment. The graph shows that Google searches for ‘(pneumatic) tires’ are the most prominent in February, March and November.

Every year, brands begin advertising early on. The law stipulates that vehicles need to be equipped for winter between 15 November and 15 March. But the interest in and demand for summer tires increases much earlier. It needs to be said that companies that do not engage in promotion are losing a lot of potential to increase the sales. It is clear that consumers plan ahead and take their time to choose tires.

The most popular brands of tires in 2019 are: Michelin, Sava, Continental, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Nokian, Falken, Hankok, Nexen


Google Search statistics suggest that costumers mostly look for Sava, Michelin, and Continental tires, and they are somewhat less interested in other brands.

When is a good time to start marketing tires?

It must be noted that some tire providers in started their 2020 marketing activities much earlier than usual. Sales are becoming more dependent on advertising, which means that a marketing budget is indispensable.

Providers will need to be able to offer the best user experience in the research and purchase stage, which will gain their trust and tip the scales in your favour. Customers view your website in different stages of their purchase path. It is important to offer what they’re looking for and need, as the digital spaces are becoming more and more populated. Focus on saying the right thing at the right time, with the right message and on the right platform.

Are you happy with your sales and your past promotional activities? Would you like some advice on how to reach customers interested in your product or service and on how to target the right audience for you?

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Are you ready for Google advertising?

Are you happy with your business? Do you have enough customers, enough demand and enough website viewers? Will you achieve your yearly goals? You probably look at your competitors and your role models and wonder: How do they do it? How do they manage that many online sales? In this article, we will discuss some advantages of Google advertising and how to successfully use it to attract more customers and users. Of course, we don’t know any magic tricks that will just increase the sale overnight, but we are certain that Google advertising can take your marketing one step further.

Today, many people have heard of Google Ads (formerly knows as Google AdWords), but users are still sceptical of its effectiveness. Google Ads are also popular among Slovenian companies that target internet users. It can be an amazingly useful tool, provided you know what you’re doing.

At any given moment, somebody is googling exactly what you offer, but the question is, will they find your website or your competitors’?

If you want your method to work, you must invest in it. That’s the only way to attract new customers, keep in touch with the existing ones and get ahead of the competition. Anyone with a website probably spend quite some time on building their recognizability and tried to find ways to really stand out and conquer the top of Google search. At any given moment, somebody is googling exactly what you offer, but the question is, will they find your website or your competitors’?

Although SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) attracts much attention (as it should), it is not the only way to achieve online visibility. If your website is not receiving as much engagement as you’d like and you’re looking for solutions (provided you’re willing to invest in it), it is best to consider turning a new leaf in the story of Google advertising. Remember that every second, several thousand searches happen, and your website is certainly among them.

You’re probably wondering why your website isn’t very frequented and why customers aren’t finding and contacting you.

Here are some reasons why you should start advertising on Google. It needs to be said that your competitors are most likely already using it and is stealing your potential customers as we speak.

It’s a quick way to get noticed

Google advertising will give you a desired result in no time. By choosing the correct keywords, your website will appear to the people you’re trying to reach (your customers). Of course, don’t forget the SEO, which is a crucial way to increase your website’s visibility and attracting users to it. But efficient optimisation will take you months of hard work before you see any results on Google search.

Google Ads offers more than just website visibility

You’re not only paying for advertisements (keywords), but you can also profit from other benefits Google offers, including the highly popular Gmail and YouTube, and all the 2 million websites and 650 000 aps that form part of Google Display Network. All of that is used to perfect the platform that reaches 90% of all internet users across the world.

What does Google offer?

  • Buying keywords
  • Banner advertising on partner networks (pictures, GIFs or videos)
  • Advertising on YouTube
  • Advertising on Gmail
  • Advertising in apps

It lets you target the right users

Your chances of reaching many people are truly high, but it is even more important to find a way to reach your key customers. Google makes sure that your advertisements are correctly reaching your potential customers, who are extremely important for your company.

It offers demographic targeting and keyword targeting, which are essential for attracting users that are most likely to view your website and buy your product or service.

You only pay when your ad is clicked on

Advertising plays an important role in managing your brand, but your goal is often to reach people, introduce them to your company and connect with them through your brand. The main mode of payment is PPC (Pay Per Click), which means that you’re not paying the display of an ad, but only viewers of your website.

Your budget can be easily controlled

Your budget probably won’t allow you to absolutely everything. You need to know that Google advertising allows you to stay withing the limits of your budget, because it does not require a minimum amount and it’s accessible to any company. This is true for both keywords and advertisements with pictures, videos and advertisements on Gmail.

Remarketing will connect you to potential customers

Every user that views your website is a potential customer, but remember that their first visit to your site is to find out more about your product or service. Through remarketing, you can reach past visitors of your website and display the appropriate advertisement, which greatly increases the chances of these users returning to your website and get even better acquainted with your company.

The possibility to optimise and analyse campaigns

A good advertising strategy is like a long-distance run. To be successful in Google advertising, you need to use analytics tools to look at your website’s views. This will allow you to evaluate your advertising methods and keep improving them, as well as achieving better results. By constantly optimising your marketing campaigns, you can expect to see more turnover.

I could keep on writing about Google advertising, and there will definitely soon be a new article with more insight and information to develop your marketing skills.

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