How to find an idea?

Have you ever experienced this: you misplace something, for example a sweatshirt, and then you spend hours looking for it? In the end, you give up and a few days later, you find it at the exact spot you checked while looking for it. Well, searching for the right idea is exactly like that. Sometimes, the best ideas are the ones we get randomly. I believe that everybody has the potential to find the right idea, so I compiled a list of a few key steps in brainstorming and tips on how to overcome a creative block. Good ideas are an important part of everyday life, as well as business, especially in marketing, as it’s constantly evolving, demands more and more novelty and is incredibly competitive. An important element in brainstorming is creativity. Not only in an artistic sense, but in every way – innovativeness and craftiness. If you’re motivated and curious, your creative energy will be limitless.

Where do we start brainstorming? In the beginning. I’m afraid there is no one right answer. But you can ask yourself 4 questions that will help you get your creative juices flowing. The answers will help you stay on track and define clear goals.


Whom is the idea for? It could be yourself or your client. Learn about the values your client’s brand stands for, and find inspiration in its products or services.

What format?

Format is the second most important guideline. Why? Because the choice of format will help you discover ideas that go with it. Of course, you can still change them, but some ideas have more potential if used in static format and the others in dynamic.


Try to determine what your idea should be expressing. It could be a feeling, e.g., warmth, safety, hunger, happiness, empathy; information about the product or service; or a message you want to send, for example seasonal offers, charity, sustainability etc.


I imagine you prefer working while not under pressure. And yet, the time keeps the world going round, so we must set a time limit to make sure that our idea is delivered on time.

The goal of brainstorming is always to get some lightbulbs to go off – those invisible lightbulbs over our heads. But it often happens that our lightbulbs simply go out. This is called creative block, and unfortunately, no one can escape it. Because modern society demands we stay quick, inventive, productive, and efficient at all times, we have to find ways to overcome out creative blocks.

How to change the lightbulb (or how to overcome creative block)?

The purpose of the strategies below is to relax and forget about everything for a moment, as we often think of the best ideas, when our brain looks for it without our conscious participation.

Music can help us relax, fall asleep, wake up and liven up. Play your favourite music genre and take a few minutes to yourself. Music brings out feelings, which guide our thoughts. If you get a random idea or inspiration, write it down, take a picture or a video. Even the smallest idea can lead to something bigger. Many of us have spent hours surfing Pinterest, which isn’t bad at all! Just make sure not to copy the entire idea, but use it in your own unique way and develop it further. If your routine is morning brainstorming and you often face creative block, it might be time to change it up a bit. How about afternoon brainstorming?

Every idea has potential, some only need a bit more work.

I believe the secret to a good idea is in details. Start small and work your way towards something outstanding – in other words, make it snowball. At the end of the day, practice makes perfect, which means your brainstorming sessions will get easier the more you do it. As I’m sure you know, there is no such thing as a stupid question. The same applies to brainstorming – there is no such thing as a bad idea. Every idea has potential, some only need a bit more work.

Looking for inspiration can be relaxing, sometimes exhausting, but fun either way. Those tips are not only useful for dealing with creative block, but we can use them in everyday stressful situations. At Beglobal, we know that every individual plays an important part of successful and creative ideas. We believe that finding the right idea is a lot more than just reaching another goal. It’s about challenging yourself, become more independent and grow as a creator. And now, grab your earphones and pens and let your creative adventure begin!

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