Guide: What to post in times of COVID-19

How to promote and market your company on social media in times of COVID-19?

It’s a tough question, to which we propose a few great solutions that really work!

People all over the world are trying to adapt to the new social distancing rules, while small companies and their social media managers are looking for innovative ways to communicate with their followers and costumers. It is not more important than ever to stay connected, as people and companies use social media to keep in touch with friends, read news and have fun. Facebook and Instagram observed a 40-perent higher engagement rates due to Covid-19.

But just because people are spending more time on social media, it doesn’t mean that the content a company posts should be the same.

The type of content that you post now is directly connected with the state of your company and with how COVID-19 affects your field. You have probably set one of the following goals:

  • Sales
  • Keeping your costumers
  • Brand awareness

When it comes to the current state of business, one of the following three things may happen:

  • Companies that remain open for business and are looking for opportunities
  • Companies that are closed for business
  • Open companies in privileged positions

Scenario 1: Hustling

If your company is open for business, but you are currently struggling to keep it afloat (e.g. restaurants with delivery or different stores), you want to share content that will increase sales through social media. This is a very hard and stressful period and you are probably focusing on free organic platforms such as Instagram more than ever. Here are some ideas:

  • Post an Instagram story every day. It doesn’t have to be perfect; it is more important to remain relevant for your followers.
  • Connect your online store to Instagram Shopping by including products in your posts and stories.
  • Encourage loyal followers and costumers to share your content. Share their content in your stories and other platforms. It is also important to thank your customers for buying or ordering from you in this time.
  • Sell your services, but share your content in a spirit of education, appreciation and mutual support

Scenario 2: Companies currently closed for business

If your company cannot do business right now (e.g. wedding photographers, hairdressers, florists etc.), you will want to share content that will help you keep your existing customers.

Keep in touch with your loyal followers to always be on their mind. Don’t forget that they will want to return to the service and experience you offer again, as soon as they can.

For example, 4P FITNES is collaborating with their employees, to give their followers tips for home workouts and motivate them with various challenges.

Share educational videos as a story, Instagram Live or IGTV. If you don’t usually make videos, now is the good time to start.

  • Update your Instagram and highlight your content (tip: create highlights ‘in times of corona’ and add all the content that you are now sharing in your stories.
  • Update your Instagram bio and archive all the posts that don’t fit your new aesthetics.
  • Create a TikTok profile! You will soon get a hang of the app and figure out how to make your first video. So, if you have extra time, this is an excellent way to spend it, as you can attract an incredible number of viewers. You can also use the video on other social media platforms (like Facebook or Instagram).
  • Develop new habits. Now’s an excellent time to try out new things that you can keep doing throughout the year. Plan your content a month in advance or dedicate 30 minutes of your day to connect with new followers.

Scenario 3: Business as usual

If your business is unaffected and you’re not worried about the financial situation, your goal is raising awareness.

The world has slowed down, and you can use this to your advantage. You could start new social media accounts, platforms for communication or start a campaign with influencers.

If you’re not using YouTube or IGTV, now is the time to consider starting it. The production value may not be perfect, but keep in mind that people are spending way more time on social media and the number of views on all social platforms is rising. We recommend starting to make videos.

Another way of raising brand awareness and investing in marketing is collaborating with influencers.

You could turn to influencer you have collaborated with before and ask them to share older but transformed content from your past campaigns.

This way, influencers will get some income in these difficult times, and the brand acquires content and recognizability in a less expensive way.

Many US influencers saw better engagement on sponsored posts and all they have to do is tweak the content and captions to make it fit the new stay-at-home lifestyle.

A Slovenian influencer Lepa Afna collaborated with Twix and launched a competition and used an enjoyable challenge to adapt her content.

These are only a few guidelines you can follow on your social media, depending on your company’s situation. There are no experts on how to do market your products during a pandemic and nobody really knows how to react, so don’t be too self-critical. We see changes every day (even every hour) and you can expect a lot of concern and uncertainty, as well as lower productivity of your team.


Stay healthy!


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