Monthly social media plan

Do you know what to post on social media tomorrow? Are you stressed because you are struggling to keep up your social media appearance and you can’t find the time to create good content?

68% of Slovenian companies are struggling with the same problem!

The monthly social media plan is an easy way to start your journey of success!

The plan consists of:

  • A monthly template of what to post every day
  • Suggestions on different topics
  • Successful marketing content
  • Content that raises brand awareness
Our clients:

There are 4 reasons for bad content marketing:


of time

High short-term

No creative

Treating a marketing
campaign and media
appearance as one thing

Why download the free monthly plan?


Save time

When you plan ahead, you avoid unnecessary work and having to multitask. Write down your creative ideas and save them for the future, increase the productivity and divide the work among the team.

Be consistent

Whatever your goal on social media is, experts will always tell you to post consistently!


Consistent posting feeds your audience and includes it in the media appearance of your brand. Impressive engagement increases your organic reach through the platform’s algorithm, so your posts will be seen by new users, which will begin following your brand.

If you fill up your social media plan ahead of time, you can stay consistent, be it during the biggest promotion of the year, or during the ‘holiday’ week.


Make fewer typos and avoid bigger mistakes

Planning your posts will save you the trouble of ‘last-minute’ decisions and approvals, and help you avoid sloppy posts.

We all know the stress and irritation of seeing a typo and euphorically correcting past posts.


Improve your brand’s image

The biggest brands on social media often run several marketing campaigns at once – long-term, medium-term, and short-term, paid and organic. The only way to achieve this is through planning your posts, which will cut back on some of your time and give you a multi-layered appearance.


Do not miss special occasions

You will never again forget about Valentine’s Day, March 8, Christmas, or an important football match. Be prepared and keep track of the special occasions.


Higher quality content

It is no uncommon to have a whole team of creators behind a single social media post: writers, designers, video editors, photographers. And if you ask your team of hardworking creators to drop everything for an emergency Instagram story, it won’t be too inspiring for them.


The monthly plan will help you efficiently allocate your resources, human and digital, so your team can breathe and work better.