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Orbico Slovenia is a member of the Orbico Group, the leading European distributer of FMCG products. It has been present on the Slovenian market for more than 25 years. One of its world-renowned brands is Fisherman’s Friend, the legendary British lozenge brand. It has been an important part of the food industry ever since 1865. Strength, courage and freshness are the values embodied by the flavourful lozenges and experienced by their loyal as well as new costumers.

Fisherman’s Friend

Orbico d.o.o.
Facebook content marketing
Advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Goals and challenges

We made it our goal to increase the brand’s recognizability on the Slovenian market and expand its target audience.

  • Consistent posting on social media and increasing the organic reach
  • Raising awareness about Fisherman’s Friend (Slovenia)
  • Including the target customers in posts
  • Use content to appeal to a greater (younger) target audience
  • Create an Instagram profile

Content on Facebook and Instagram

Before our collaboration, Fisherman’s Friend used only Facebook, which is unoriginal when it comes to this type of brands. Its lack of exposure on Instagram resulted in a very one-dimensional target audience. It was the company’s desire to change that.

Its interaction with the audience was limited to events, of which the brand was a sponsor. For example, at contests or celebrations, which attracted a large number of costumers that did not end up being loyal to the brand. Moreover, there was not enough information available about the products and the brand itself, despite being on the global market for over 150 years.

To resolve these issues, we designed a Facebook strategy and created an Instagram profile. The goal was to make the brand more approachable and attractive to many generations. The key was to create material that is aesthetically pleasing and that generates enthusiasm through content.

We divided the content into four parts: education, interaction, introduction and entertainment. This allowed the brand to gain recognition, quality and trust of the target audience, which increased as a result.

Topics that generated a 64% growth in the brand’s following …

  • The history of Fisherman’s Friend: Nostalgia brings back the year 1865. Followers can get acquainted with the evolution of the brand, which was once used as medicine by trawlermen. Today, it is one of the biggest brands on the global market.
  • Fishers’ travels: strength, freshness and courage: The three values embodied by the product. We created Mr and Mrs Fisher, who travel every month. We try to motivate our followers for outdoor activity and market the product as an excellent addition to adventure. Occasionally, we implemented the topic into the competitions.
  • 5 flavours, 1 friendship (#5okusov #1prijateljstvo): These hashtags were created to introduce the five flavours of the lozenges that can be found in Slovenia. As the original purpose of the product was to ease problems with the throat and the respiratory system, the hashtags are used to highlight soothing effects of the five flavours, united under friendship.
  • Fisherman’s Friend fun facts: Like any other brand, Fisherman’s Friend has a lot of trivia facts to offer to its followers that are interested in statistics and fun or strange details.
  • Fisherman’s Friend and free time: Everything we do in our daily lives is better with friends. But even when we are alone, our minty friends will be at our side.
  • Fisherman’s Friend competitions: The frequency of competitions was limited to once a month. This allowed us to avoid the followers who may only follow a brand for the prizes. We tried to avoid the usual ‘tag a friend’ competitions. They consisted of trivia quizzes (which also allowed for education) and geography quizzes (Fishers’ travels). In addition, some were designed as fun puzzles or riddles.

Results from Facebook and Instagram

Through consistent posting, which followed a clear structure every month, we achieved amazing results, seen in the growth of the following, and an increase in viewing of the pages. We reached the younger population through being present at school trips and collaborating with Radio Antena – nori izzivi (crazy challenges).

Over the period of our collaboration, the following increased by 64%. The majority of the costumers are men over 40 years of age. Through carefully planned content strategy, we observed a 13% growth of followers aged 18 to 24 years (5% male and 8% female). We also saw excellent results in the increase in organic reach, which grew by 352% in 8 months, compared to the preceding 8 months.

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