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The GA+ kuhinje brand, a part of the company Aparati d.o.o., is build on solid foundation of good, socially responsible business which in many aspects if a step ahead of time and its competition. The company stands out with high-quality services, top-quality consulting and carefree purchases that ensure the satisfaction of loyal customers.

GA+ kuhinje

Facebook advertising
Instagram advertising
Google advertising (GSN and GDN)

Goals and challenges

After discussing the business with the client, we set goals of the campaign in a way that allowed for maximum income, using the full potential of the brand and the online store, and stirred the advertising in the right direction – we increased ROAS and internet orders.

  • Raising brand awareness of GA+Kuhinje
  • Increasing ROI through re-marketing campaigns
  • Rise in online sales
  • Introducing new approaches to marketing
  • Lowering cost per order (CPO)
  • Raising the average order value (AOV)

Advertising on Google, Facebook and Instagram

The online store by GA was not able to achieve maximum profit through Facebook advertising. But through collaboration, using the webstore’s full potential, and online marketing, we achieved the desired results.

Advertising campaigns

We focused primarily on advertising techniques, optimisation of advertising activities which increased the return on advertising spend (ROAS) long-term, and defining the metrics which give better results and help reach business goals. From the very beginning, we focused on conversion, increasing online sales, and defining the attribution model for attributing success among advertising platforms in terms of user engagement and conversion.

First, we carefully analysed past marketing activities, focused on different types of conversion campaigns, target users, and creations. We guided the users into the funnel and continued by using dynamic and classical re-marketing campaigns to increase sales. We tried to implement changes and a system that would give us the desired outcomes.

In terms of Google advertising, we focused on Google Display, Google Search and Gmail ads. On Facebook, we used campaigns to reach the cold audience and added discounts to re-marketing campaigns. At the beginning of the campaign, we used keywords that we chose based on analysis, then increased the amount for re-marketing campaigns to increase ROI and the number of purchases.



We entered the collaboration with realistic expectations and set the goals we were likely to reach. However, we succeeded far beyond these goals and in the first month, increased ROAS on Facebook from 7 to 43.5 and doubled it on Google – from 25 to 50. We were very excited about our success. The brand awareness increased, the income through Facebook increased by 597% and through Google by 287%. While sharing our client’s satisfaction, we further strengthened activities on Facebook and Google, we increased the monthly lease by 40% and kept the ROAS on Facebook at 41 and increased it on Google to 90.