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Hitra Kava d.o.o. has been present on the Slovenian market for 10 years. The Lando family, who has been a part of the distribution business for over 70 years, quickly became the leading Slovenian provider of free-of-charge coffee machine rental.
The aim of Hitra kava is to offer families and office workers the pleasure of real Italian espresso, whose flavour and aroma are like those of the coffee we can find in the best cafes.

Hitra kava

Facebook content and marketing
Instagram content and marketing
Advertising on Google (GSN and GDN)

Goals and challenges

We divided our goal into fewer, smaller goals, which all added to the end result – increasing the number of online orders.

  • Consistent posting on social media and gaining organic reach
  • Maintaining a correct ratio between presenting all the products and posting content that inspires and encourages drinking coffee
  • More views of the webpage
  • Increasing ROI through re-marketing campaigns
  • Increasing the sales

Content on Facebook and Instagram

Hitra Kava had always used social media, but their strategy did not bring about the desired outcome.

First, we established who the target audience is and analysed it. This allowed us to better understand them and choose content to post.

We designed a strategy for Facebook and Instagram and were perfecting it every month with events and special offers.

We focused on the experience of drinking coffee and the feelings it elicits. Calm, loving, homely, welcoming and Italian were the main principles behind the content.

Advertisement campaigns

The first step was to focus on the content and ‘post engagement’ campaigns, which attracted new followers. The second step was to focus on ‘traffic campaigns’ and used re-marketing on the large number of website viewers to increase the number of sales.

In respect to Google advertising, we focused on ‘Google display’ and ‘Google search’ advertisements. At the beginning, we used key words that were chosen based on analysis, then we raised the amounts on re-marketing campaigns to increase ROI and the number of sales.

A few examples of ads

Results from Facebook and Instagram

By posting consistently and focusing on products, we managed to increase the following by 38% on Instagram and by 27% on Facebook in 4 months. We are proud to say that even the sales of the least popular items went up, as a result of correct positioning and successful content choices.

Through engagement on social media, we created a strong community of support. We increased sales through Facebook by 18% and as a result, online sales went up as well.

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