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Japan Piano Center is the biggest grand piano and upright piano store in Slovenia and an official distributer for YAMAHA. The store turned to us for a professional online presentation.

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Goals and challenges

Being the biggest piano store in Slovenia, the client wished to have a good online presentation. We helped with the design and placement of a new website. Our goals were:

  • Presenting Japan Piano Center as trustworthy and as the biggest store of its kind in Slovenia
  • more views of the website
  • more leads of potential costumers


We designed the homepage to be minimal and clean, displaying only the most important information for the target audience. From the homepage, the costumer may access the online catalogue, which displays all the new and second-hand instruments that are available, as well as other equipment.

On the homepage, we also find a short introduction of Japan Piano Center and the services it offers. We wanted to emphasize that Japan Piano Center is not merely a store, but a company that offers a complete service and more, including classrooms for rent.

Lastly, we can read about the benefits that come with being a Japan Piano Center’s costumer, such as a 7-year warranty, a group of professionals of different expertise, the possibility of renting instruments and installment plans.


Most costumers of Japan Piano Center are parents looking for the best instruments for their children, and professional musicians. The company both sells and rents instruments, and it also offers piano-tuning services, additional equipment and classrooms for rent. We tried to find a simple way to present these services on separate pages.

Online Catalogues

The most important pieces of information about a potential costumer are their e-mail and telephone number, so we added a form for lead-generation. Every user that filled in the form was given access to the online catalogue, where they could see all available instruments (both new and used), other equipment and their prices, as well as make a reservation. Thus, the company was able to use this information to adjust its offer according to the specific needs of customers.

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