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A stone’s throw away from the centre of Kranjska Gora, in the direction of Vršič, we find Lake Jasna with an astounding view of the Julian Alps. While the ski resort, which is less than two kilometres away, is blossoming, a property by the lake with the view of the mountains was deserted for 13 years. In the late 2017, the property attained a new owner and a new vision. The client’s goal was to revive the property, to give it a new positive energy and attract locals as well as tourists looking for a luxury and sustainable destination.

Jasna Resort

Jasna Chalet resort d.o.o.
Facebook content marketing
Advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Goals and challenges

Our goal was to increase the recognizability of Jasna Chalet Resort on the Slovenian market and attract foreign visitors through a clear content marketing strategy.

5 key points in reaching our goals:

  • Consistent posting on social media and increasing the organic reach
  • Raising awareness about Jasna Chalet Resort
  • Encourage user-generated content
  • Use content to appeal to an audience of foreign tourists
  • Create an Instagram profile

Content on Facebook and Instagram

Before our collaboration, Jasna Chalet Resort was only using Facebook. We created an Instagram profile and managed to quickly acquire loyal followers. It is always a challenge to restore properties that have been forgotten. In the case of Jasna Chalet Resort, we were facing another problem – the pressure from the Slovenian media, which caused us to be carefully observed by both local and foreign audiences.

Our strategy on Facebook and Instagram required the creation of entirely new material. By recruiting professional photographers, we generated material that started attracting large numbers of tourists every day. Comfort, homeliness, warmth, aesthetic appeal, charming nature, breath-taking views and delicious fresh homemade cakes are only a few of Jasna Resort’s best assets. All of that was captured by a camera lens and text on social media, which made the resort more and more recognizable in Slovenia and elsewhere.

Our content strategy consisted of educational topics, interactive introductory topics and lifestyle. This allowed the resort to gain recognition, quality and trust of the target audience, which increased as a result.

User-generated content

The key was to link the resort to its surroundings and present it as part of a luxury destination. The communication required multidimensional content, which needed to be created from scratch. Different parts of the resort had to be treated separately – the café, accommodation, the lake and the area. One of the main challenges was encouraging user-generated content, as there is no better marketing than satisfied customers.

The objective was to market the resort as an ‘instagrammable’ location. By analysing the target audience, we were able to encourage the clients to produce content. The result were the hashtags #jezerojasna (Lake Jasna), which has been used for over 7400 times and #jasnaresort, which is nearing 300 uses. The location has been mentioned in posts almost 200 times. In addition to the average profiles, the resort has also received mentions from different influencers. It has also been visited by local (Ranko Babič, Nives Orešnik) and more well-known celebrities (Jan Oblak).

Topics that generated a 77% growth in following …

  • History of Jasna: Nostalgia takes us back to the 20th Lake Jasna has been a popular tourist spot for decades, so we wanted to show its evolution and progress.
  • Accommodation: The resort offers 8 lavish apartments, whose interior is sustainably designed by Slovenian companies and made of local materials. Each apartment is not only aesthetically perfected, but it also has its unique story.
  • Café and desserts: The resort’s patio stretches all the way to the lake and is nowadays called ‘Alpine beach’. The café offers tasty homemade desserts and a wide variety of beverages, which excite the taste buds.
  • The view and the surroundings: The resort’s most valuable treasure is the beautiful view of the lake reflecting the mountains. The area offers countless opportunities for exercise. The resort is only 2 kilometres away from Kranjska Gora, which is also an important component in our communication with potential visitors interested in what they can do if they visit the resort. And if we move not much further away, the area offers a number of additional exciting spots, which will make your visit to Jasna Chalet Resort a perfect getaway.
  • User-generated content: The aesthetics of the resort’s Instagram profile encouraged and challenged the followers to share their Jasna moments. The result was a sizeable number of Instagram Stories, which generate tons of amazing material every week. In this way, we are creating a community of micro-influencers, who promote the destination and the resort, without any charges for the resort itself.

Results on Facebook and Instagram

By posting consistently and following a clear strategy every month, we saw incredible results that manifested in our reach, the number of views and the number of followers. In addition, we saw an increase in the number of patrons of the café, which had 90% occupancy last season.

Since the beginning of our collaboration, the number of followers increased by 77%. Posting on Facebook in five different languages secured followers from abroad. 32% of the followers are from foreign countries, mostly the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Austria, Croatia and Serbia. Another astounding achievement is the increase in the organic reach, which jumped to 329% in the past year.

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