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POB driving school offers theoretical and practical training to future drivers of any vehicle. In addition, it offers the courses of safe driving for novice drivers and drivers whose licences have been revoked, as well as courses for penalty point removal. The school operates in the area of Nova Gorica, Tolmin and Ajdovščina. The school prides itself on high quality, which is maintained by a wide variety of cars and experienced teachers.

POB driving school

POB d.o.o.
Facebook content marketing
Advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Goals and challenges

The client’s goal was to secure more applicants for the courses of Driver License Theory. We divided this goal into several smaller KPI’s.

  • Consistent posting on social media and increasing organic reach
  • Increasing the school’s recognizability
  • More views of the website
  • More online applications

Facebook content

Before collaboration, POB driving school used social media in the same way as most driving schools. The only thing it posted about were pictures of its successful candidates and congratulation notes.

The first step was to establish content that would appeal to the target audience and inspire them to apply for courses.

We designed a strategy for posting on Facebook and revised it every month to improve it with posts that offered potential candidates information about the CPP course. We considered the school’s schedule and location of courses, so that the timing of the posts was not bothersome.

We divided the content into four categories: educational, interactive, informative and entertaining content. This allowed the school to gain recognition, quality and trust of the target audience.

Advertising campaigns

It is very clear who the target audience is in this case, so it was easy to determine it in terms of age and geographical location. We focused on youth and parents and designed the advertisements according to their expectations and criteria.

We focused specifically on remarketing campaigns. In steps two and three, this allowed us to target only the costumers who had recently viewed the page, or when the course was taking place at a certain location.

Results from Facebook and Instagram

We achieved excellent results by posting consistently and focusing on educating the audience and gaining its trust, rather than on mere application process.

The number of followers increased by 15%, interaction with entertaining and educational posts increased by 47% and the views of the page by 89%.

Engagement on social media we attained a strong community of support and increased turnover through Facebook by 46%. As a result, the number of applications through Facebook also increased.

Client’s opinion

Collaborating with Beglobal has been very successful since day 1. They helped us become number 1 on the market and we saw better results.
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