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Through excellent content marketing and online advertising on platforms frequented by company owners and decision makers. We helped the agency Mreža nepremičnin (real-estate net) sell apartments in the apartment building Rezidenca Pipanova.

Rezidenca Pipanova

Mreža nepremičnin d.o.o.
Content on Facebook and Linkedin
Advertising on Google and Facebook
Targeting on Linkedin

Goals and challenges

The client had a clear goal of presenting the apartment block to as many potential costumers as possible, through B2B segmentation. We outlined the following goals:

  • Designing content marketing strategy
  • Consistent managing of Facebook and Linkedin profiles
  • Reaching companies willing to invest in real estate through advertising

Content marketing strategy

Before starting the project, we had to design a content marketing strategy. More specifically, we determined the target audience, the means of communication, which differs from the communication with final costumers, and delineated categories of content, which would attract attention of the target audience. Designing the strategy served as our basis and was followed by all other activities.


Through informative and useful content, we tried to creatively showcase the building’s assets, such as being the first apartment building in Slovenia that is not registered as a residential apartment building. Our communication was simple and focused on information that is sought after by potential investors. We tried to offer a clear view of the building and its apartments, which was greatly facilitated by a virtual tour of the interior.


In addition to regular content on our platforms of choice, we also created independent advertising campaigns. First, we advertised on Google search engine and by purchasing keywords specified through careful analysis of the market, we targeted costumers actively seeking property to invest in. Then, we remarketed the property to viewers of the page that had already expressed an interest. By advertising through images, we ensured that potential costumers had the apartment building on their mind until they made the decision to invest. We greatly increased the odds of costumers making that decision by constantly displaying advertisements.

Results from Facebook and Linkedin

Through consistent posting, advertising and informing the costumers on Facebook, Google and Linkedin, the agency managed to sell 3 apartments in the building in only 2 months. We are proud to say that our efforts were appreciated by the client. We will continue our collaboration and we are looking forward to new projects.

Client’s opinion

It is great that you constantly provide new content and fresh marketing strategies – people and potential costumers can see that a thing is relevant and ‘in’.
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