Why is Instagram really hiding likes? #moneymakestheworldgoround

Instagram tests

In April of this year, Instagram announced that it will be hiding likes on posts in some countries.

Countries: Canada, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Italy, Brazil, and Ireland

It’s a test period that has now been extended to other countries, including Slovenia. We still see the likes on our own posts, but not others’.

Instagram’s reasons for hiding likes

Instagram lists the following reasons:

    • The number of likes is fuelling users’ competitiveness
    • The most creative posts should be more visible
    • The number of likes negatively impacts users’ mental health

What is the real reason for hiding likes?

A vlogger and a self-proclaimed social media lawyer Ian Corzine from Los Angeles shares his views on Instagram’s decision. He believes that Instagram has other reasons. He thinks that the main reason is money. Why?

Influencer Marketing

A new business has been all the rage among influencers as well as companies and brands. It’s called Influencer Instagram Marketing. The way it works is the company contacts an influencer to propose sponsorship and in turn, the influencer promotes the product on their platform. Both sides benefit – the influencer gets income and the company gets promotion of their product to the influencers’ following. What does Instagram gain? Influencers use the free app to earn money and to boost companies’ sales and they can do business without Instagram profiting from it. On Facebook, companies and brands use paid advertising a lot more and the same is true for Google. But Instagram gets nothing from Influencer marketing.

Ian claims that Instagram’s test will result in a drastic drop in like counts and post visibility. This will lead to a decrease in post credibility and a drop in Influencer marketing. Companies and brands will have to shift their marketing into paid Instagram advertisements. He also believes that Instagram will soon offer the option of showing likes on influencers’ posts as a paid addition, so influencers will also start to pay for advertising.

Check out his vlog and form your own opinion:

Our opinions are divided. Time will tell. Influencer marketing is an important part of advertising, which our agency also uses.

The only reliable thing in the ever-changing digital world, is change. Our agency is aware of changes and their dynamics. We always keep step with the decisions of moguls like Instagram.

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