The New Facebook update: How will it look and work?

So far we have seen four major transformations. The newest update, which Facebook calls ‘FB5’ or (even more originally) ‘The New Facebook’ was likely the most drastic change. It was a complete shift of Facebook’s look and functionality. All of you now shaking your heads because you dislike change, do not fret. It has been years since Facebook was last upgraded, so we believe that the news of the new look is more than welcome, maybe even essential.

What is ‘The New Facebook’?

At the F8 conference, Facebook’s managers pointed out that this update will focus on Facebook groups, which was indicated in their ad at this year’s Superbowl ( and events. These are two biggest reasons why people log into Facebook every day. The new update will somewhat shrink the News Feed. The desktop as well as smaller screens will shortly receive upgrades on navigation of the site as well as a more modern design, based on white or optionally black colours. The new look and functionality of the platform can be seen in this video:

How to get the New Facebook?

All of you eager novelty enthusiasts will be disappointed to hear that there is currently no way to forcefully update Facebook. However, a small number of Facebook users have allegedly received the invitation to try out the new version. The ‘chosen ones’ have the option to see the new Facebook (before the rest of us mortals) and give feedback. They say that spring is a time of awakening, new plans, and new projects. It will also breathe new life into Facebook.

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