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The Slovenian ban on all events with over 100 people ruled out all fairs, conferences and promotional events. The coronavirus brought Europe to a halt, as well as all sorts of international trade fairs. Was your company supposed to be at a business event? Are you wondering how to make up for lost business opportunities to present your product, raise brand awareness and attract new customers?


We know a great alternative!(disinfect your hands again … focus … moving on!)


A small company spends 10 000€ to participate at a trade fair in Slovenia. Preparing and producing all promotional activities and materials is estimated to demand 80 working hours of 2 people.

The goal of an average participant is recognizability, first contact with a customer and launching new products. And the biggest challenge is managing the process and converting a first contact into the final customer, but also raising awareness even after the event. What’s the end result? For most companies, it is very hard, the results are unmeasurable.

Coronavirus forced us to seek out alternatives that the digital era offers and will allow for more efficiency and reaching more customers.

Ditch the disinfectant … you only need focus from here on!

How can we help you at Beglobal and how can we make up for the loss and see even better results?

Let’s say a smaller average company invests 10 000€ into their participation at a fair. How can we transform that budget and upgrade the results?

You should follow the 2000-6000-1000-1000 model. This isn’t a matter of 3 or 4 days, but rather 4 or 5 months.

Content marketing – 2000€

Content marketing allows you to put into practice your specific knowledge of business and gain the trust of potential customers. The right text that are clear and sensible will help attract your target audience, start a dialogue with potential customers and strengthen the professional reputation of your company. High-quality content marketing can motivate an internet user to become a customer and not only a website viewer. In additional to other digital marketing tools, content marketing attracts more people interested in your brand to your website.

For 2000€, Beglobal will strategically manage your social media content, which will be just as appealing, if not more, as a beautiful girl and an experienced salesperson at a stall.

Advertising on online platforms – 6000€

Investing in social media marketing can help your company in many ways, including the following:

Reach your target audience:

An average person spends roughly 28% of their time on social media, which gives companies a great opportunity to reach their target audiences. Through ads, you can connect with users in all three parts of the purchase funnel, to create immediate as well as future income.

Create brand awareness:

Marketing campaigns on social media can boost your brand’s recognizability. A clever strategy will help you create the purchase funnel that will stimulate following and interaction with your brand.

Promotion and sale of your product or service:

With consideration of the characteristics of your company’s field, advertising on social media can help you easily and accurately promote your products to people that are interested in them.

Social media marketing offers many advantages over conventional advertising. An experienced strategist and a well-placed campaign will allow you to use social media ads to raise brand awareness, reach your target audience and increase your sales.

For 6000€, Beglobal will design and manage a strategy that fits your company and your costumers. According to previous experience and projects we’ve done, this amount will get you:

Google advertising:

  • Banners on websites and Google partner networks – 2 000 000 views
  • Search engine – 14 000. 20 000 clicks (website views)
  • YouTube advertising – 8 000 000 seconds of viewing, meaning 800 000 views of an ad

Social media advertising:

  • 400 000 clicks
  • 1 000 000 ad displays

E-mailing campaign – 1000€

E-mailing future and existing costumers is still one of the most intimate forms of digital communication. A well-formed message is personal and addresses the target person with carefully chosen content and added value.

For 1000€, Beglobal will design and send out up to 15 campaigns or create an automatic marketing system. The range of the campaign depends on your costumer base, but we guarantee an increase in Open Rates after we have reviewed and optimised your contact groups.

Lead generation- 1000€

Many companies struggle with acquiring good leads and many more struggle with approaching them and turning them into customers. That’s why lead generation is the key component of digital marketing, allowing for constant acquisition of new contacts and guiding them along the convoluted paths of purchase.

For 1000€, Beglobal will design and monitor a strategy which considers your company’s experience and past projects and will get you between 600 and 900 good leads.

Are you still not convinced? Are you sceptical? Contact us and together we will design a winning digital strategy, tomorrow!

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*all numbers and statistics are taken from our past projects. Results vary depending on the field and the target audience.

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